Which States Are the Safest?

A recent study analyzed 52 metrics to determine the safest states in the country, as well as the least safe. The results might surprise you.

States like New York and California didn’t even make the top 10 — on either list.

The study, by WalletHub, focused on five categories: personal and residential safety (considering things like the number of violent crimes, bullying, suicide and overdose rates per capita); financial safety (unemployment, foreclosure and bankruptcy rates, among other factors); road safety (including traffic fatality rates, road quality and share of uninsured drivers); workplace safety (number of occupational injuries and illnesses); and climate-related disasters and losses.

Minnesota emerged atop the safe list, thanks to its low rate of traffic fatalities and its low share of uninsured drivers.

On the other list? Mississippi took the honors as the least safe state, with high climate-related losses and the worst road safety in the country.

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