What to Bring to Your Summer Rental

For a longer summer vacation — a week or two, say — renting a house or condo can beat staying at a hotel. You can cook instead of eating out; you have a comfy place to hang out on a rainy day. This place should in theory have all the essentials: kitchenware, bedding, entertainment system. But here are a few extra things you might want to pack, just in case.

Whether you are staying at the beach or in the mountains, bring a fan in case the house doesn’t have one — it’ll also help discourage mosquitoes.

A soft cooler will keep your purchases fresh while you’re shopping at farmers markets, and you can use it for picnics and day trips, too.

The chef’s knife is the utility player in any cook’s lineup, and bringing your own ensures you’ll have one that’s good and sharp.

If you bring a waterproof (IPX7 or better) Bluetooth speaker, you can use it around the pool or on the beach without worries.

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