The Week in Arts: Martha Graham, ‘Ink’ and Let’s Eat Grandma

April 2-14;

As women in the United States exercised their newly won right to vote, after the passage of the 19th amendment in 1920, the modern dance pioneer Martha Graham was summoning a different kind of feminine power. Establishing her company in 1926, she created worlds where women reigned, whether uniting in bold ensembles or starring as formidable protagonists in stories told from female points of view.

That company, still intact, returns to the Joyce Theater in Manhattan with “The EVE Project,” a celebration of the 19th amendment’s upcoming centennial. The two-week season features all works by women, including premieres by Pam Tanowitz and the team of Maxine Doyle and Bobbi Jene Smith, as well as Annie-B Parson’s 2017 “I used to love you” and Lucinda Childs’s 1999 duet “Histoire.” Graham classics and obscurities, like the potent “Chronicle” and rarely seen “Secular Games,” ground the company in its founder’s vision — sometimes dated, sometimes enduringly radical. SIOBHAN BURKE

As Season 3 begins, Jim Brockmire has bunted the bottle after three months in rehab and is sweating through Oakland’s spring training alongside a new play-by-play co-host, the softball sensation Gabby Taylor (Tawny Newsome).

And though Jules (Amanda Peet) — the minor-league owner who held his heart hostage the first two seasons — has traded up to the former Kansas City Royal George Brett, Brockmire manages to keep it together. And to turn his love of the game, whether baseball or life, into piercingly eloquent soliloquies.

Not to be missed: Linda Lavin as the mean mama who deserted Brockmire as a kid. And J.K. Simmons as Matt the Bat, a big-time player turned television personality whose nickname has nothing to do with his swing. KATHRYN SHATTUCK

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