Taking 500 L.G.B.T Teenagers to ‘The Prom’ on Broadway

The main floor of his duplex — think 1990s Malibu Beach house, with driftwood-colored furniture, folk-ish art and a waterfall on the terrace — offers views east over Central Park, and west to the setting sun.

“And you have to see upstairs,” said Mr. Sapan, who was greeting guests at his door Monday night for a cocktail party celebrating the second season of “Killing Eve,” which is on BBC America, an AMC Networks channel. A spiral staircase inside a turret led visitors to a study, with large round windows and bookshelves full of first editions and vintage toys.

Jodie Comer, who plays the assassin Villanelle, mingled with guests including Michelle Wolf, Samantha Bee, Bob Balaban, Steve Kroft and Sarah Barnett, the AMC executive in charge of BBC America.

Draped on a bench among the tchotchkes was Sandra Oh, who won a Golden Globe (as well as hosting duties) for her role on the show. Was she surprised by all the positive reaction?

“We started making this second series before all the accolades happened, so we were halfway into it before the wave hit,” she said. “When it aired in the U.K. in September, then it started becoming a little tricky to shoot.”

She admitted to “geeking out” upon meeting her co-star Fiona Shaw, who won accolades for her title role in “Medea” 18 years ago. “I said, ‘I saw you on Broadway, you were so great,’” Ms. Oh said. “And I acted the whole thing out. I’m glad she still likes me after that.”

Ms. Shaw demonstrated a talent for comedy as well as tragedy. As Ms. Comer spoke to a reporter, Ms. Shaw stood behind her, pulling nonstop funny faces.

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