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A piece of furniture dedicated solely to drinks might seem like an extravagance. But when it comes to entertaining, a well-functioning bar cabinet can be useful for both host and guests.

“It’s a matter of convenience,” said William Sofield, the interior designer who founded Studio Sofield in New York. “I tell everyone, ‘I’ll make you the first one, but after that you’re on your own.’ I really can’t be the bartender for eight people for an evening.”

Setting up the bar and allowing people to serve themselves makes everyone more comfortable, said Mr. Sofield, who has designed custom bar cabinets for clients — complete with refrigerators, ice makers and skewer storage — as well as a production cabinet for Baker, with gold-finished doors and pullout serving trays.

Even teetotalers appreciate it. “It’s nice for them to be able to pour themselves a mocktail,” he noted, without calling attention to it.

The one who benefits most, of course, is the host, who can spend more time socializing. “It’s nice to not be running back and forth to the kitchen,” Mr. Sofield said.

  • Should the cabinet have open shelves or closed storage? Mr. Sofield prefers keeping things hidden: “I like for it not to look like a bar when it’s closed.”

  • Does it need a surface for mixing drinks? Yes, said Mr. Sofield, who prefers a hard-wearing surface that isn’t easily damaged by moisture, for worry-free entertaining.

  • How much storage space does the cabinet need? Ideally, it should be able to hold all the bottles, glassware and other accouterments you need, he said: “It’s great to have whatever you need in one place.”

Cabinet with raised diamond-parquet pattern doors and wood-and-brass pulls

$2,370 at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams: 800-789-5401 or

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