‘S.N.L.’: BTS Performs, Emma Stone Hosts, and Julian Assange Joins Lori Loughlin in Jail

For a second consecutive week, “Saturday Night Live” avoided taking aim at President Trump and his administration in the show’s opening sketch. In fact, the sketch wasn’t even particularly political. (But don’t worry, there was still a surprise celebrity guest.)

Beginning with a fake voice-over for MSNBC — “Now that the Mueller report turned out to be a big fat zero, we’re back to prison shows” — the sketch set up an episode of “Lockup: Chino Correctional Facility,” in which inmates played by Chris Redd, Kyle Mooney and Kenan Thompson boasted about the crimes that had put them behind bars.

Enter Kate McKinnon, playing the actress Lori Loughlin. “Oh yeah?” McKinnon told the gang. “You think that’s insane? I paid 500 grand to get my daughter into U.S.C.”

She added: “That’s not including the 300 grand I blew on tuition.”

(She also said she owned the prison guards because “I helped their kids get into a really competitive pre-K,” and boasted that she was a Nation of Islam member because she’d “bought my way in for 100 grand.”)

The night’s host, Emma Stone, played the former “View” host Jenny McCarthy, who has been an outspoken critic of vaccinations.

“I don’t believe in vaccinations,” she said. “My doctor is Google; my scientist, Twitter; and my religion is Donnie Wahlberg.”

“What is your deal in life?” Jost asked. “I’m just genuinely curious, since you brought it up. Also, you cannot say that WikiLeaks is not your deal, because at some point it was like your whole deal.”

Playing numerous clips in which Trump praised WikiLeaks, Jost responded with a reference to the night’s musical guest, a Korean boy band: “You’re more obsessed with WikiLeaks than this audience is with BTS.”

The anchor Michael Che picked up the Trump thread:

President Trump is considering releasing detained immigrants into sanctuary cities to send a message to Democrats. What’s the message? Have some more voters? Yeah, man, that’ll show ’em. I don’t know how they’re going to handle a bunch of immigrants in a city like … New York. You can’t scare us with more immigrants. That just means faster Ubers and more Elmos.

“Or, maybe he should send immigrants to New York,” Che continued, prompting an image of Trump Tower. “I know a huge building on Fifth Avenue where nobody wants to live anymore.”

This week’s show featured performances by BTS, the first K-pop band to play on “Saturday Night Live.”

If you’re wondering why their fans spent days camped outside NBC headquarters or why “S.N.L.” audience members burst into hoots, screams and applause any time the band’s name was mentioned, watch the video above, in which BTS performs “Boy With Luv” from its new album, “Map of the Soul: Persona.”

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