Psychic Mediums Are the New Wellness Coaches

MaryAnn DiMarco, 48, a medium and the author of “Believe, Ask, Act,” said that her clients are increasingly not looking for predictions. “They’re coming to me and saying, ‘I have so much going on in my life. Can you teach me how to make connection so that I can make transformation happen in my life for the better?’” she said.

Joshua Agan, 33, turned to Ms. DiMarco after contemplating suicide; he had weighed 400 pounds, altered his diet and started going to the gym, but wanted more changes. “Once my body was taken care of, then it kind of naturally went into me kind of chasing the spiritual component,” he said.

Mr. Agan, who owns a salon in Carmel, Ind., discovered Ms. DiMarco while attending a 2017 event hosted by Gabrielle Bernstein, a popular motivational speaker. He later flew to New York City with friends to attend a group reading and then, after Ms. DiMarco reached out to him personally with a message she said she felt she had to deliver to him, went back again for a one-on-one session, which she offered to him free of charge.

Ms. DiMarco, he said, allowed him to “step into my power and calmly let go of my existing experience,” he said. “And trust my spiritual side to lead me in the right direction. It doesn’t come with total assurance, right?”

Lisa Levine, 42, is the founder of Maha Rose, a wellness center in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn that also operates a retreat center near the Catskill Mountains. She regularly hosts workshops with Ms. Nuur, the “clairvoyant intuitive” at In Goop Health, and said she believes there are people who can connect with the “other side” and bring back valuable information, but that the medium’s intention is crucial.

“Is their intention to be a conduit for the spirits and to be of service to their clients, or is their intention to make a lot of money?” Ms. Levine said. “Telling somebody something that you think they want to hear, although not necessarily damaging, is maybe just like putting a Band-Aid on something. And maybe that is all the person wants, a Band-Aid, or some type of ‘it’s O.K., your deceased mother forgives you or your passed father does love you.’”

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