Melania Trump Gets a Statue Near Her Hometown, Carved by Chain Saw

LONDON — Decades after Melania Trump left the rolling hills of Slovenia and became first lady of the United States, a life-size wooden statue of her has appeared on the banks of a river near her hometown.

Much of the figure, from its shoulders to its fingertips, is painted powder blue, in a reflection of the cashmere dress and gloves she wore to her husband’s inauguration in 2017.

One arm is raised as if in a wave to Sevnica, her hometown, about five miles upstream. Rising out of a tree trunk laced with ivy, the monument stretches to nine feet tall, towering over visitors.

But those who have seen the statue, commissioned by an American artist, gave it decidedly mixed reviews when it was inaugurated last Friday. That’s because it bears little resemblance to the first lady. It looks as if someone had taken a chain saw to its face and run the blades over the nose, eyes and mouth to strip them of their finer features.

“I’ve never done a statue of a whole human figure. Busts yes. Vultures, et cetera, but never a whole person,” he said. He added, “She might come and see the thing. She might like it.”

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