Is It Crazy to Leave First-Floor Windows Open in New York?

Q: My boyfriend and I live on the ground floor of an apartment building on a busy street in South Brooklyn. He insists on keeping the windows facing the street open at night and when we’re out during the day, as he likes the fresh air. Fair enough, but there are no bars on the windows, and I worry someone could get in. He thinks our busy street is a deterrent enough. How do I persuade him that we need to keep the windows closed when we’re not around?

A: Living with a partner is a delicate dance. How long should dishes pile up in the sink before they are washed? Should the bed be made every morning? Many domestic disagreements are about personal preferences, with limited risk. No one will get hurt if the toilet seat is left up, but leave a window open, and the consequences could be grave. Burglaries happen, and a first-floor apartment is an easy target.

As of early May, there have been 455 burglaries in South Brooklyn this year, according to NYPD. But showing your boyfriend this information may not be terribly persuasive because he surely understands that crime happens in New York. He may just have different priorities than you.

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