Amy Schumer Doesn’t Care What You Think (That Much)

She is spending two months in New Orleans while her place on the Upper West Side of Manhattan undergoes renovations in preparation for the baby. “Our home is kind of stupid,” she said. “It looks like Tom Hanks’s in ‘Big’ — karaoke machine, jukebox.”

Over the past decade, New Orleans has been a beloved getaway. She visits several times a year and often holds a New Year’s Eve party with the actress Jennifer Coolidge. She has developed a Bill Murray-like reputation around town for goofy, news-generating appearances, like crashing a couple’s engagement photo shoot, joining Mardi Gras practice or painting her face with beignets.

It hasn’t been a quiet pregnancy. She has been touring theaters and shot her special in Chicago. She herself contacted the booker at “Saturday Night Live” the night before to see if there was a host slot open. There wasn’t, but she still had new ideas to work out, so she headed to a dive bar that holds a weekly stand-up show.

While she is an actress, screenwriter and author, Schumer remains a comic at heart, always hustling for a laugh, writing notes for jokes in restaurants and processing the world from the stage. “That doesn’t change,” she said, “if you don’t let yourself become crazy from being a famous person.”

She loved acting in Steve Martin’s play “Meteor Shower” on Broadway, for instance, but said it was frustrating to go onstage and not be able to respond to the news. “I like all the things I’ve done, but my favorite is when I’m in control,” she said. Then, referring to “Snatched” and “I Feel Pretty,” she added: “The last two movies I didn’t write. I didn’t really have anything to say. I now do.”

Her new special catches fans up with her life, her hellish pregnancy (within the first few minutes, she raises her dress to show her belly) and her marriage to a chef. It’s jarring (and funny) to see the comic who released the special “Mostly Sex Stuff” now joke about not wanting to sleep with her husband. She also uses motherhood to jab at the backlash to the #MeToo movement. “I hope it’s a girl,” she said, a sarcastic hint in her voice, “because it’s such a scary time for men.”

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